art gallery

We have begun an art gallery within the family room and you will find that there are empty frames already hung on the wall and water colours/paper and a table top easel available. Please paint or draw us a picture, sign and date it and put it in one of the the end of the year, which ever one we judge the best at depicting a holiday at cliff house, will win 50% off a week's holiday back with us in cliff house the following year [excluding June/July/August/Xmas & New Year 2016]. So, don't be shy - unleash the inner artist in yourselves.....and here are a selection of the entries we had in 2012 and 2013 and the 2 winning entries.

Winner 2013, Carole Anderson Ilic

Winner 2013, Ben Prior
Rosemary Carr, January 2012 Rosemary Carr, January 2012
Sarah Roberts, April 2012
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